This After Show Party is proudly present by:
A Night With The Cure (Leipzig) & A Strange Night – The Cure Party in Berlin


The countdown is on: Tuesday, 18th October 2016








17-10-16 | Pre-Party*

At fabulous Duncker Club

Dunckerstraße 64
10439 Berlin

Start: 9 pm
Free / from 11 pm 4.00 Euro

* within the scope of the traditionell

18-10-16 | Concert

Arena am Ostbahnhof

Mercedes-Platz 1
10243 Berlin

Start: 8 pm
Sold out

18-10-16 | After Party

At fabulous Duncker Club

Dunckerstraße 64
10439 Berlin

Start: 10 pm
4,00 Euro

Double Feature at Duncker Club!

The Cure are in the Trilogy (Pornograpgy, Disintegration, Bloodflowers) City Berlin on Tuesday, 18th October and they are playing a sold-out show at the Mercedes Benz Arena at Ostbahnhof with The Twilight Sad.

In a change to the original plans, the The Cure After Show Party „A Strange Night – The Cure Party in Berlin“ will not take place at the Postbahnhof Club. Instead we will rock all night long at the fabulous Duncker Club in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg / Pankow, like we did in 2002, after The Cure`s first Trilogy Show at Tempodrom and many, many more Cure events since!

For those who didn’t get tickets — and for those who still need more after the gig — there is the after-show party „A Strange Night“ in Berlin.

Please share this event with your friends so that they can also join in the fun!!

On the decks for you to spin cure-ish and indy tunes:

DJ Knüpfi

A Night with The Cure (Leipzig)
A Strange Night (Berlin)
Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Leipzig)

DJ Wilco

A Strange Night (Berlin)
A Night with The Cure (Leipzig)
Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Leipzig)

DJ Ørlög

A Strange Night (Berlin)
Møntagsduncker (Berlin)
Blütenrausch (Berlin)

Distance between the venues

f you don’t get enough of cure madness and you want to come to the after show party, click this link to search for your connection from the concert hall at Arena am Ostbahnhof to the after show venue Duncker Club. A single ticket Berlin AB costs 2,70 Euro.

If you want to take a Taxi from the concert venue Arena am Ostbahnhof to the after show party venue Duncker Club: Don`t pay more than 12 Euro – the distance is only: 3.6 kilometer / duration 10 Minutes. Have a look here:

Have a look a the map and click on the pin-marker.

Arena am Ostbahnhof

Arena am Ostbahnhof (Mercedes Benz Arena)
Tuesday, 18-10-16: The Cure live in concert

Duncker Club

The Cure After Show Party
Dunckerstraße 64, 10439 Berlin
Tuesday, 18-10-16 22 pm

Public transport to the venues

To search for your connection to the concert hall at Arena am Ostbahnhof just click here and enter your point of departure and the desired time of departure / arrival.


If you don’t get enough of cure madness

and you want to come to the after show party, click on the red link to search for your connection from the concert hall at Arena am Ostbahnhof to the after show venue Duncker Club, or just click on the grey button and enter the desired time of time of departure / arrival.

Mobile Website for all mobile devices:

Drop us a line

If you have any questions or need further information about The Cure After Show Party in Berlin, please feel free to contact us.

5 + 6 =

The Cure live at Shoreline 2016

– Full Show –


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16 Kommentare

  1. Hey! You can be the first one to leave a comment.

    Cure on! 🙂

    • Ich bin da,Robert ist Gott und Wilco ist göttlicher.

  2. The Cure – Berlin – Perfect match
    And yes we’d still be happy in another time
    But so what?
    So what?

  3. Lovely dedication.

  4. Ich freu mich drauf 🙂

  5. Ich möchte eine Karte für die A Strange Night Party Please Please

  6. thanks for putting on an aftershow, the April parties are always great.

    • Hi! Thanks for the complement 🙂

  7. Werde in Hamburg, Berlin und Frankfurt live dabei sein und würde gern in den Duncker Club mit rein… (sehr originell)

    • Es ist einer der besten Gründe dabei zu sein! 🙂

  8. Ich war bei der Trilogy After Show im Duncker und es war eine der besten Parties meines Lebens. Hatte damals am Folgetag einen Kundentermin in Berlin und schlug gegen Mittag dort auf. Man lobte meinen Einsatz, dass ich überhaupt komme und schickte mich wieder nach Hause.
    Hoffentlich komme ich wieder in den Duncker. Diesmal habe ich am Folgetag Urlaub.
    Würde mich sehr über die Tickets freuen.

  9. Ich freue mich schon riesig auf das Konzert. Und auch auf die anschließende Party im Duncker. Und auch auf den Montagsduncker am Tag vor dem Konzert. Über zwei Freikarten für die After-Show-Party würde ich mich sehr freuen 🙂

  10. ich wüsste gern, was der Eintritt kostet 🙂 es steht nirgendwo?

    • Hallo Anny, der Eintritt kostet kalkulierte 4.00 Euro. 🙂

  11. Thank you very much! All are winners informed!!

    Best regards and until Tuesday!


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This night is dedicated to Nancy and Marcel ❤ We miss you!